• Mission

    To successfully provide the best of services that creates the way for our clients to transform and thus enable them change thus eventually allowing them to grow consistently and continuously.

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  • Vision

    To be among the best of Training & Consulting companies, creating values both for Clients in particular and Nation as a whole.

  • Values

    A sincere approach to deliver beyond Customer expectations thus strengthening the relationships, by being concise, transparent, direct, moral and accessible in our communications and actions.

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Welcome to Our Company:

Welcome @ PHiloComp! we strongly believe in our capabilities as we are in the business of enabling the change that create value to your business, people and Organization as a whole.


PHiloComp is a one-stop shop for all of the professional service requirements of its clients and operates in a “Consortium of Consultants”, spread across locations.


Our Team has over 150+ man years of experience with specialized knowledge and cross functional expertise across multiple domains of business and has experience from multiple industries and business verticals, across geographies.


Our solutions to the client’s will be of more holistic in terms of selection of right framework or management system for client’s business. We associate, support and facilitate client’s business to define, analyze, implement, test, review and maintain every process aligning to their overall business objectives and operate consistently with better sustenance, in a most efficient and effective manner.